On the rooftops shouting out: “Baby I’m ready to go”

…at least that was the idea behind it.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

6:10 AM. That’s ten minutes past six in the morning. That’s the time our flight was scheduled out of Phoenix to Chicago.

I leave it to your imagination when we actually had to get up and to the airport, check-in and what not, but let’s just say that bothering with sleep in hindsight was maybe a nice thought, but getting UP wasn’t half as easy as I thought when going to bed, and even back then I didn’t much cherish that particular train of thought. Remind me, why didn’t we take a direct flight???

Anyhow, we were more or less on time and just three hours later in Chicago…where already the weather was changing a bit for the worse. Gusts of wind and pouring rain didn’t give us a good sight from above during landing. But that was only the beginning. Thanks to the whole time-shift thing it was just after 11 AM, our connecting flight to Dusseldorf was scheduled for 4:15 PM, which, admittedly, gave us quite a lot of layover time to kill.

Again, wishful thinking. There was a HUGE storm over the north-eastern part of the US. Which in itself wasn’t that bad. The bad things started happening when we went to the gate to wait there…and they started talking about a slight delay before boarding…and then informed us that all of north-eastern US of A was closed to air traffic courtesy of that storm front. Icing on the cake? The view on the baggage carts next to our plane…in the open. Under pouring rain. Without any cover. Only in Dusseldorf we should learn that our clothing was a bit on the soggy side…and the books we bought sucked up some water as well, but as it were only books we didn’t want to have the trouble of claiming that damage with the airline….seriously, raising a storm over 20 bucks of damage? Ehhh. Ain’t worth it anymore. In hindsight though I am a tad chagrined. In Europe, they have to offer refreshments and food after 3 hrs of delay to the passengers. Neither of which happened and it WAS a Lufthansa flight. Hahummm.

Finally, at about 7:30 pm they let us board and we taxied to the runway. The start was a bit bumpy but alright, Mel soon fell asleep courtesy of her travel medication she’s taking for flights and, well, that was us leaving US airspace.

In summary, we pretty much were taken with Arizona and Utah. Nature’s great over there, but we really have to see if summer is survivable. The area offers job areas beneficial to both of us, let’s see what happens when the economy is getting up again in the US. Having the ability to ‘chill’ in Flagstaff for a bit when the heat and dry periods are getting to us is a definite plus as is the nature that we are totally not used to and which’d provide interesting trips for quite a while with all those National Parks right where we’d live at.

We really have to check out Arizona in summer!


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