Deja Vu all over again

Having had a rather good appointment across the border in the Netherlands today, I will elaborate on that one sometime in the future, I started my cellphone while crossing the border to give Mel the good news.

You can imagine my surprise when my sister in law picked up the phone instead. Apparently, at the same time I had my appointment, she had a renal colic at work and fought with tooth and nails to not get delivered into the Dusseldorf North hospital but rather into the one twenty miles south in our hometown. By sheer happenstance her sister was able to pick her up from work and drop her off straight at the emergency ward.

It’s rather apparent that my erstwhile chipper attitude chipped kinda. To say that I was worried was an understatement. After all, it’s only been a year-ish since last time she had to go to the hospital while I was away-away.

Having made the return trip in record time according to Deutsche Bahn timetables I made it to her hospital bed. She didn’t look good at all. They put her on a drip and basically on hold to friday morning as ultrasound and x-rays were without any findings. It figures that tomorrow is a holiday and thus hospital stuff is not up to really taking care of patients unless it is a life or death emergency. Bleargh.

So, there’s nothing but waiting until friday morning for them to give her a healthy dose of contrast agent so whatever there is or isn’t shows up on x-ray. Keeping my fingers crossed for it being ‘just’ a kidney stone….

Bugger it.

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