Public Viewing @ Seattle

So, today we had our work cut out for us. First, we had to pick up the rental.

Sounds easy, don’t it? As always, we had, through the German equivalent of AAA, booked a car. A compact, which always results in something like a Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, etc. For an economy, we do seem to end up with a Hyundai Accent, which, considering the size, also is a really decent car, albeit a bit bland, but, hey, it IS an economy after all.

Now the fun part at the first Hertz counter in the airport. We had the choice between a New Beetle and a Toyota Yaris. Compact stipulates, that you are able to seat 5 and stow away three pieces of luggage in the trunk. I don’t know where Hertz is coming from, but five people in a Beetle is a bit optimistic in my eyes… and three pieces of luggage is, unless there is a particular pocket dimension to be found within the trunk, next to impossible…unless you have small, teeny tinsy wheeny pieces of luggage that you could also keep on your lap while driving alternately.

So we went for the Yaris. A white one. Naturally neither of the cars had Sirius, the next upgrade we could have gotten was a Chrysler Sebring, basically a ship we didn’t feel like driving. Or a multitude of SUVs…which we all could have upgraded to, naturally, no complimentary upgrade as they did have cars in our booking class after all.

Umm. Yeah. The Yaris? Turned out to be a hatchback. Even smaller trunk than the New Beetle…alright, maybe they were on par, I dunno, suffice to say that we could do a lot but not put our luggage in there. So back we went to a counter right next to the rentals.  Yeah, well, so sorry, they could give us a Yaris Sedan but no, they have no other cars. We could upgrade though to a Camry though or something along those lines.150 bucks. We thankfully declined. Funny, on the East Coast we always got decently sized cars. Even in Phoenix. Hmmmm.

Next stop: Walmart. After all, our luggage was still not here and the toothbrush and toothpaste, while complimentary, didn’t do much for our own needs of hygiene to make us feel that much better. Good thing hotels provide shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, otherwise I’d really wouldn’t have felt comfortable in my at this time fresh but last pair of boxers.

What I like about Walmart is that I know where to find it and can almost go shopping blind. Boxers. Check. T-shirts. Check. Jeans. Check. Socks. Check. Deodorant. Check. Brush. Check. Done and done. Back to the hotel.

Here we had a private public viewing in the hotel lobby / fireplace. Just another woman was sitting there who turned out to be a mother waiting for her daughter to finish her acting class this day at the hotel. Funny thing…Seattle seems to be an outpost of die-hard soccer fans. Her whole family roots for the sport, she played midfield/forward during highschool and college. She actually knew what we were talking about so…color me surprised. Good game, too, Germany won defeated crushed Australia 4:0 and could have won even higher. The send off against Australia wouldn’t have been necessary at all, I hope they still fare moderately well without him…

Imagine our surprise when our luggage was delivered during the game. Imagine our surprise when we saw in what state our luggage was. Mel’s trusty red bag that accompanied us for the better part of 12 years and was, at least in our eyes, the most sturdiest piece of luggage ever built. But between the groundcrews at Amsterdam, Seattle and Delta, they managed to rip a seam (rather viciously), destroy one of the plastic protectors on the bottom and basically beat the poor thing around. Looks like it will be retired after this trip. As to our stuff…someone had a field day going through anything and everything in there. Nothing was left as we packed it…  Yay. Claiming damage for the bag..well, considering how long we had it, I doubt we’d get that much as, while we were waiting in line the other day at the lost baggage counter, the person in front of us was informed that it wouldn’t be replaced but the current value would be paid. So…yeah…thanks I guess.

After finally obtaining our SatNav again though, we struck out for the next bigger mall and did some more shopping/strolling. It’s just a fun thing for us to do, walk around, watch people, do some window shopping…etc.

We didn’t last long though, six pm we were back in the hotel and I was out like a light at around 8. Lightweight, I know. But tomorrow, we go exploring downtown Seattle. Wheeee!

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