West Coast, here we come !

5 AM CET: The alarmclock goes down without mercy. Yeah, I have to do some last minute packing, don’t I ever? A quick shower helps getting awake at least, considering how warm the bedroom was this night, it also helps feling like a human being again. Not that it’ll make much of a difference considering how long we will be on our way to Seattle…

6 AM CET: Picking up mother-in-law to return our car from the airport. So unfair, she looks way more awake than I do. Bah. Some people are morning people. Not that I wouldn’t be one, too, just that my mornings start in the two digit range preferably…10 AM is a great time, really

6:40 AM CET: All checked in and ready to go. Reckon it’s a good time to head through security, flight for Amsterdam is leaving at 8:20, boarding though starts at 7:35 so, yeah.

7:50 AM CET: Ok…they switched boarding from 7:35 to 7:50…and now to 8 AM. What the heck? They do know we have a connecting flight at 10:20 to Seattle, right?

8:45 AM CET: Finally takeoff. It is only a 35 minute flight to Amsterdam, but still. Urgh I hate short buffers

9:30 AM CET: So, we’re in Amsterdam, ready to head to our gate..if we wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of a HUGE crowd of people waiting for passport inspection. What the…? And they already started boarding. Gah.

10:15 AM CET: Whew, made it, we are the last to board the plane, something totally new. Mel’s been joking the whole morning that it’s a good thing that hotels offer complimentary toiletry items if your luggage doesn’t arrive together with you. If I had a pillow I’d smack her with it. The amazing thing though is that, despite the age of the plane, Delta offers quite a lot of legspace in economy, more than what I am used to from Lufthansa, United or US Airways. I’m not even cramped, what the…?

11:00 AM PST: We’re in Seattle. I actually managed to get some shut-eye on the flight. Didn’t do so in 12 years. I think I am a converted believer in Delta now…sorry, Star Alliance?

11:40 AM PST: So…Amsterdam was a nightmare it seems…and our luggage is somewhere in the airport still. Everyone from the connecting flight, and another connecting flight from the Ukraine, is without luggage. Hahumm. Not really Delta’s fault that the groundcrew screwed up. Still. Unpleasant. I packed a pair of boxers for change, so I guess I can survive for a day. Hah.

1 PM PST: The hotel is virtually just across the road from the airport…but quiet. I have no idea how they do it, but I don’t care. Luggage’s supposed to be here by 9 PM PST, apparently there are two flights to Seattle out of Amsterdam each day. Not too shabby.

10 PM PST: No sign of the luggage. Hmmm. Had a quick small dinner in the hotel bar, I really start liking the Radisson chain a lot. Good munchies and a rather decent no alcohol beer. Mel calls the airline and goes ballistic…for Mel that is. Apparently the luggage is not on the plane as promised, but still in Amsterdam. They promise to deliver tomorrow. Looks like we’re going to have to go shopping tomorrow, underwear, change of clothes, toothbrush and other necessities. Ah well, I take it with humor, oddly enough. Off to bed, body is not convinced that it is before midnight. Was worth a try though.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

1 AM PST: Ok, sleepless in Seattle is not quite true. It’s more a ‘why is it dark out there, it is 10 AM. Really’ feeling. We check the luggage status and are pleasantly surprised… they located our stuff and it should here between noon and midnight. we’ll see I guess.

But back to bed again. More excitement later…

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