Hopping on, hopping off @ Seattle

Hands down, one of the best things you can do for getting an initial introduction to a new city is taking a bus tour. If it is in a double decker with the hop on/hop off functionality and a guide who knows what he is doing…it’s great. So we try to do this whenever we have the possibility.

Having had an early start, we took the Link Light Rail from the airport to Pioneer Square. On the way to the first bus stop I went into one of those tons of non-Starbuchs coffee shops around…got myself a cup of coffee…and nearly fell over. Seriously, what’s the deal with coffee in Seattle? That was one of the best cups of coffee I ever had, just out of a mom and pop coffee shop. Egads. Can we move and stay here, please???

The bus tour was as expected. Nothing more, nothing less, and yeah, we have high expectations in those these days. Tourist snobs, that’s us.  Pike Place Market? Wow. Worth the trip alone. The produce, the seafood, the meat…man, if I would be living in Seattle, this’d be the place to get all my veggies, fruits and BBQ meats. Those steaks…I could have whipped out a grill and just…mmmm.

The great thing about the US is that you meet people. Perfect strangers you just walk up to, start a conversation with and talk for a little while. I went past a street magician three times, doing one of my favorite tricks, cups and balls. Back in Rome, two thousand (2.000!) years ago, that trick was already performed. And, seriously, acetabula et calculi sounds so much nicer than cups and balls, doesn’t it? That guy, going by Acep Hale, turned out to be as nice to talk to as he was when performing, working his audience rather well. I friended him on facebook and follow him on twitter, where he announces where he is at and when for his shows and, as he does go to Europe every so often it seems, who knows, we might run into each other again.

Space Needle, naturally, was one of our stops. Quite a view from up there, but they seriously need to work on their getting people up and down routine, there weren’t really that many people around and still they had to wait quite for a while. I’ve seen that better handled. ’nuff said.

Suffice to say though that one day is not enough at all to see Seattle, so we will return towards the end of our trip. Aquarium, Underground tour, Pike Place again,  Sculpture Park, Glass Museum (with our traditional Chihuly exhibit…we seem to run across Chihuly wherever we go,go figure) and a few other things are still left for us. Not that you hear me complain…

So, all in all, a rather pleasant day, could have been a tad warmer, but, hey, at least it wasn’t raining, eh?

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