Boing! Boing! Boing! Boeing!!

Pity we had to check out of the Radisson and not take it with us. I just love their beds, the dial-a-yield kind of thing. Not that I’d need the diversity, just patch it up to 100 and I am good. Yeah, I could just as well sleep on the ground, but I just love a firm underground, those soft, sink-in squishy things…so not my up of tea.

We went to Boeing today, north of Seattle, for their tour. I was looking forward to seeing 777s, 767s and 787s being assembled, especially the last ones, the Dreamliner. They will be delivered by the fourth quarter of 2010, so this was my chance to see some up close and, well, personal.

I have to admit though that in hindsight, I am a bit disappointed. The tour was too distant and done by a former Air Force crew chief now for almost 20 years with Boeing. He was funny and new some stuff…but I would have preferred a more in-depth tour kinda, not just looking down at everything from two floors up. Eh. Plus the Airbus bashing? Didn’t care for it at all. The 380 is a good thing, it transports quite a lot of people with rather little fuel comparatively and thus, considering the footprint, is a good thing to utilize. Sheesh.

I did buy some stuff at the souvenir shop though. Another base cap and t-shirt… after all, I *am* a tourist currently, so why not live up to it?

Traffic here surprises me, it is rather prominent throughout the day. Yeah, I know the complaints about rush hour traffic…and it is quite involved but far from what we are used to from Germany, especially around Dusseldorf, Essen and Dortmund in the morning and afternoon. Still, a few less cars would have been better.

So now, we are at Burlington, Holiday Inn Express…and will leave for our loop through the Cascades tomorrow morning, next stop will be Chelan, where they promise free wi-fi, kingsize beds and a fireplace. Considering the temperatures…a fireplace would be great right now. Isn’t it supposed to be summer and sunny? Apparently someone changed the options to overcast, spots of rain and nippy. Now guess who brought just one fleece jacket and no sweaters…. Yup.

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