For some reason the night ended way too early. Reckon we’re still quite well in the hands of the European timezone. Let’s just say it was dark, the hour was in the one digit range still, and quite for a while so…and I was able to watch a game of soccer, and it wasn’t the second one of the day. Bleargh.

Pity we had to check out of the Holiday Inn. Although not as comfortable as the Radisson, it was still a decent stay and, frankly speaking, I could have extended for a few more days. But, nah, we didn’t have the time for that, after all, we had to arrive at Lake Chelan in the evening after finishing our first leg across the Cascades.

Driving here is actually fun. True, speed’s no higher than 60 to 70 mph, still though, the going through the mountains is seriously great. The views we had were stunning…and I have to admit that I didn’t expect this. It’s odd, but I do understand why people refer to the Cascades as America’s Alps. There are some certain similarities…although at times it looks like Tuscany, Italy. And it is quite beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful though… We were kinda prepared thanks to the travel guide we read, but looking at pictures and reading up on something doesn’t hold the candle to seeing it with your own eyes. Winthrop, WA. Egads, it is like walking back in time. From what I read up, the city was incorporated in 1924 and got styled (false fronts and what not) in 1972 in the American Old West design to attract tourists when the State Highway 20 was nearing completion.

It is a bit…well, it takes getting used to, but overall it isn’t as bad as it sounds, all business places there have the design and it is kinda funny when passing through, you do kinda expect people being appropriately dressed cluttering the streets…no such luck though, sadly.

The awesome thing on the way to Chelan though are the oodles and oodles of orchards left and right you’re passing. We didn’t manage stopping at a fruitstand though, so we still have to sample those Rainier cherries we spotted in Seattle already, we’re wondering how they taste.

The hotel I booked at Chelan has a rather boasting name. Grandview on the Lake. It allegedly even sports a fireplace in the room. Considering the fact that it IS a bit chilly out there (what is wrong with you, Washington, shouldn’t June be a mild month? Hello? Anyone???) I think I wouldn’t mind that.

Turns out that the fireplace is fake though, but the room itself is rather pleasant…and the view is stunning, not only grand, so… yay, good choice. Looking forward to our breakfast tomorrow on the private balcony we have, just looking out on the lake and the mountains surrounding it. We will leave the curtains open, sun up should be awesome with this kind of view…

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