Einmal Lederhosen mit Schnitzel bitte.

Gosh golly darn. It was quite a bit nippy out there…but the view was as spectacular in the morning as we hoped it to be.

Again though, we can’t stay even though we’d love to, but we have other places to go and more things to see. One of those things is something we look forward to with a certain sense of dread. It’s much like a train wreck we expect to see. You don’t want to look but you can’t help staring.

What I am talking about? Leavenworth. No, not the prison in Kansas. The town in Washington that, much like Winthorp, decided it needs a make-over…but where Winthorp went yeee-haw, Leavenworth decided to play on the Alps association and went native in their interpretation of Bavarian/Austrian village impressions.

And, good Lord, they went overboard. Some serious research must have been undertaken for that, the murals are almost spot-on… the spelling is almost right, just the articles they use are a bit…ignorant/laissez faire. Das Shoppe? Urgh.

Still, we had a rather decent lunch, both opting for a highly recommended Reuben at Das Baeren Haus (don’t ask… but at least it is correct) which was living up to its reputation. The whole scenery change started in 1962, so they had the idea before Winthorp at least. Cheap copy cats across the mountains, nyah!

Still, no fruitstand we made it to, considering the traffic jam we got into on I5 though once we reached Tacoma…sheeeeeeesh. Seriously, what the heck is that about? Middle of the day, shouldn’t they all be still in their offices? I swear, the last 15 miles took us a whole smattering hour, Mel was wasted when we arrived at the hotel. Nothing out of the ordinary this time, nevertheless it sported a bed and a shower, all we need currently… Even though we both were drop-dead tired, we opted for a quick early dinner and went to a recommended Italian restaurant, Mel for pasta, I treated myself to a normal pizza…which I was not able to finish, so I took half back to the hotel with me. Yeah, we had a fridge, yes I like cold pizza. Stop acting so disgusted.

As we couldn’t extend the stay for another night, we’ll be off tomorrow for Chehalis, there’s a Holiday Inn Express offering a king bed suite for a decent price. After some shopping, we still do need a few things. I hope traffic ain’t as bad this time around.

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