Excuse me, have you seen Mt. Rainier???

Ok…that was different than expected today.

Yesterday’s weather? Awesome. Absolutely awesome after lunch. Sunshine, warm, just nice. Perfect weather for today.

But, alas, no.

No? No! It rained overnight. It rained in the morning. And throughout the day, it didn’t get any better.

The scenic route we took? Ummm, yeah. Rain. Low clouds. Fog! Sometimes we saw less than 60 feet far. The higher we got, the colder it got, naturally. Remember, two days from now it is summer. Rrrrrrrrrrright. Imagine our shock when we started seeing snow. And more snow. And even more snow. When we reached the visitor center, it was so cold we had to defog the rear window, had to get the A/C taking care of the windscreen..and basically were cursing that we didn’t brought real coats. It was actually lightly snowing out there.

The only ‘upside’ was the fact that one of the Rangers told us that the previous day wasn’t much better, so there wouldn’t have been any advantage in going yesterday, but considering that they had a late winter with snowfalls during May even, we were a tad frustrated. View? Non existent. Mt Rainier was hidden, absolutely and totally. Frankly we had a better view on our first and second day from Seattle than now that we were in the National Park.

Still, for some odd reason, the day doesn’t feel as a total loss at all. The driving again was very nice, the woods through which we drove were awesome, we saw some great waterfalls… and, frankly, the fog was fun kinda. Got some good pictures, too.

Let’s just hope that tomorrow at Mt Saint Helen will be a bit better weather-wise, otherwise this could be a bust.

Here’s hoping…more tomorrow.

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