Mel’s Sidenotes: Who needs Mt. Rainier?

To be honest, we saw more of Mt. Rainier from Seattle on our arrival day than today. But today was an adventure nevertheless. The drive up to the National Park and then within the park worth it all by itself without the vistas.

I am simply awed and amazed by the thick primeval forests there, where everything is green all the way to the forest floor. The German word for it is “Urwald”, which is usually associated with jungle in the southern hemisphere. But interpreting it in the truest sense of the word – the syllable “Ur-” means primeval, undisturbed – works much better. At the foot of the mountain it’s so dense that you have less visibility into it than through the fog we had to master higher up. The forest floor is covered with huge logs of ancient fallen trees, covered with moss and ferns, slowly rotting and providing a nursery for new trees.

Now, me and green things, especially when you add small waterfalls, rich moss, tiny forest flowers, or higher up wildflower meadows… if it wouldn’t have been for the rain that keept us from leaving the car for more than 5 minutes, I would have filled up the storage card in my digital camera in no time. So while the rain and fog added to the green-ness, that’s the only aspect of today’s trip I regret. I couldn’t get out, look at green things and couldn’t hug one of the ancient trees.

But honestly, who needs Mt. Rainier if it’s super-green all around you?

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