Vancouver! Vancouver! WHERE IS IT???


I get the joke.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny.

It is all a conspiracy.

Mt Saint Helens? Was as invisible as Mt Rainier yesterday.  The main difference was the fog being even more dense and the lack of snow, otherwise, same theme just with a slight variaton.


I can’t shake the nagging feeling that ACTUALLY it is more something like this:

Ever been to a museum where they take out some of the exhibits from wherever they are stored for public view to gloss them over or something? Usually the place will be empty, just holding a cardboard reading: EXHIBIT TEMPORARILY REMOVED FOR STUDY or something along those lines.

National Park Services removed the two mountains for brushing them up for the next tourist season, touching up the colors, glueing back some of the crumblies that came down and what not. And because they couldn’t get those cardboards done in a big enough size and weather resistant….they just started the fog machines.

Expect the unexpected I guess.

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