Ocean in view! O! The Joy!

We felt like Lewis and Clark today, alright.

Or at least we were able to relate to their expedition.

Considering the weather of the last few days, we decided to change our plans slightly and not go directly down the I5, hopping along Columbia River Gorge on the way down to see the Crater Lake tomorrow, but instead took a right turn (westwards, ho!) and travelled down the rather scenic Highway 101 once we hit Oregon.

Boy, what a good choice that was. For one thing, the Sun came out, finally. It was a beautiful drive along the coast, and the water… It’s an unbelievable blue, a hue of color I have never seen the like before. Tons of seagulls, naturally, but also some other birds I desperately need to get our bird viewing leaflet out to doublecheck on…and real, live seals. So cool.

The drive though was rather long-ish. We started at 8 in the morning and, with not that many breaks on the way, arrived at 8, almost 9 in the evening. But due to the fact that we swapped about every nintety minutes or so, it was ok. Neither of us was dead tired, just weary after that long a drive. Although the wine and beer we had for dinner here at the Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort (really nice place, huge and beautiful room for under 90 dollars a night…definite bonus) finished us off.

I did gamble my usual Dollar away at a slot machine. Got up to three dollars, then decided to heck with it and gambled it ALL AWAY. Yes, sir, I did not quit while I was ahead, nay, I lost what I came to the table with.  😉

Tomorrow….looks like we will skip Crater Lake and instead drive down further to the south. Redwood National Park. Yes, that’s California. No, we did not plan to go that far…but right now, with the weather along the coast…and the cold spell and fog they offer for Crater Lake…the choice does kinda seem obvious…. We’ll see.

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