California Uber Alles

Alrighty then. Fed up with the weather, we decided to really change our trip slightly…and head South!

And what a great decision it was. I have to admit…all roads I ever travelled so far…the 101 takes the cake. The mix of mountains, ocean, rolling hills, coast, rivers, bridges, forests….just amazing.

We went all the way down to Northern California, through the Redwood National Park…and those redwood trees are simply amazing.

Redwood National Park alone is pretty spectacular. We took the 199 to get there, driving long, winding roads up- and downhill, making for a very interesting and never boring ride. Once we arrived at the first Information Center, we quickly snatched up the usual National Park map and asked the Ranger(ette?) on duty for a few nice routes. There was this one ‘unpaved, at times steep, not suitable for hitches or RVs’ road, 8 miles long, estimated trip time one hour, that raised Mel’s interest.

Yeah, the road was scenic alright….buuuuut there was this one drop, straight down the nasty drop into the river below…no nothing next to the road…and this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pothole on the left which she tried to escape. I swear, I already saw us a-tumbeling down…. They forgot to mention that this road is also not for the faint-of-heart people riding shotgun….

After a long day full of driving the car through interesting scenery and the occasional stop for a walk…and a one hour hike through the Park to get to Stout Grove, which was excellent and awe-inspiring, we arrived at the Days Inn at Arcata, CA….and I realized we made a mistake by not checking for any sunbursts.

90 bucks a night. The place had seen better days. No elevator. Worn out stairs. The hallway actually had no straight floor, but the old carpet hid it well…and the room itself… was good enough for one night, but not longer than that. Taking a look at the bathroom…I decided to skip the shower in the morning as well. Sink was outside of the bathroom, so there was no need to step in there.


Days Inn. East Coast alone it seems.

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