On the road again, Part XXIV

If there is one thing I am not sorry about today, it is leaving the Days Inn.

I swear, that was one of the most uncomfortable stays I ever had. I actually have a bed ache from the, well, bed. Or rather the excuse of it that we had paid for 90 bucks and taxes yesterday. We skipped the complimentary breakfast there without even talking much about it, we both just looked at each other, shook our respective heads, and off to Newport, Oregon, we were. Holiday Inn Express. Looks like our trip will be mostly Radisson or Holiday Inn this time. Not that you will hear me complaining.

This time, we took the 101N up throughRedwood National Park and then just stayed on.

Weather actually got better again after it fogged up yesterday in the late afternoon. Still, no luck spotting any whales. But oodles of sealions and seals. So…I am a happy camper. What made my day though were the about 90 oldtimers, most of them from the 40s and 50s I guess, who passed us by, driving down to California. Turns out it was a 90 driver strong Street Rod club from Idaho, doing their annual one week father’s day cruise, this time to Crescent City. Cruise Idaho, unfortunately I didn’t find much yet about them on the ‘net…didn’t spend much time researching them though. Talked to one of the owners..he had a plum colored rod…just cool. 10.000 man hours of work in that one. 10k. Imagine a man hour costing at least 60 bucks. And now imagine what kind of money we are talking here if it weren’t ‘homegrown’ kinda.


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