Thar She Blows!

Stayed at Newport, Oregon today.

We extended a night, deciding to explore some of Newport today.

We decided on a 2 hr cruise to see whales…and blimme, I saw ’em. A bunch of gray whales. Got some nice shots in with my camera, some flukes on their way down, a few dorsal shots, some misting if you know where to look. God, that was fun. Took me a while to wipe the smile off my face. Whales. And we had a nice, almost calm sea. I forgot how much I miss being out at sea. I miss sailing.

But I also miss the time and money for that hobby. Ah well.

After a quick stop at the hotel for some R&R, downloading pictures from the camera and what not, we headed over to the Aquarium. Which was alright, nothing extra special, but a good exhibit overall.

All of a sudden, it was 6 pm. We went for an early dinner which also was alright but nothing to write home about in a Diner…and here we are now at the hotel, taking an early morning and…well, just chill. Off to Portland tomorrow. Looking forward to the trip and the stay in Portland.

More tomorrow 🙂

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