Antique Roadshow

What we had in front of us today was yet another, albeit short, travel day.

Actually the distance to Portland, or Gresham rather where we’d end up ultimately, wasn’t too far, so we took it slow and easy. Again, we opted for a scenic route, as far along the 101N as possible, which wasn’t that far, about thirty miles maybe. Along the way, we really wanted to stop at Devil’s Punch Bowl…and, as always, managed to get there at a bad time.

It’s pretty spectacular, I guess, when you don’t arrive there during low tide. Which we did. So all we could do was get out of the car, say ‘MMmmmhmm. Yeah…” and walk over the green of the picnic grounds. Where we met some kinda ground hog squirrel critter. Not really of the shy kind, a tad spotted and with a broad tail. Easy to take pics of, which I did. Turned out later that it most likely is a California Ground Squirrel. Introduced most of his family to us it seemed.

On we drove, taking a detour to Lafayette to see their ‘Antique Mall’. Ummm, yeah. There is this show on BCC, actually a few of them, one is the Antique Road Show, another is Bargain Hunt and the last one is Treasure Hunt. All done with rather stereotypical Brits. Seriously stereotyped. Looking at the items on sale…I started wondering what they’d say about the merchandise. Either they’d be genuinely interested…or there’d be bouts of laughter… or they’d simply cry at what the people there sometimes thought’d belong in an Antique Mall. Warner Brothers Cookie Jars (Batman) from the late 90s. Barely 12 years and already an antique? Remind me to look up when I can go into retirement then….

The rest of the drive was less spectacular although rather eventful. Big. Traffic. Jam. As I was informed, after the fact that is, Portland experiences rush hour on Fridays at 3ish PM. Which was just about the time we hit the I5 THROUGH Portland. Which we didn’t know. Mel had a serious headache and, nice as I was AND oblivious to the fact that we’d have to go THROUGH Portland, I offered to drive the last thirty minutes. Which turned into nintety (90!) minutes, drove my pulse through the roof and had me sweat and curse profoundly. I kid you not, I am fully curse-fluent in 4 languages, anot counting dialects. I made use of my whole repertoire. You ever tried backing up a steep hill in an automatic car when you are used to a clutch and feeling your way up? Good thing that bloody car BEHIND me was a few yards away, otherwise I’d have shot it up straight into the air the way our car all of a sudden to react after all as I kept on nudging the bloody accelerator.

Alas, we arrived at the Holiday Inn, save and sound, had a late lunch/early Dinner at 5 PM…and went to bed, more or less straight, utterly wasted from that last bloody bit of traffic jam. Pityful, I know.

But tomorrow, it is off to the Columbia River Gorge!

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