Gorging on the Gorge

Today was a real challenge for my bladder control.

Ok, this sounds maybe a tad more gross than I intend to… and it definitely borders on an overshare… so.. let’s just say that if I hear running water for a long time, I tend to go cross-eyed and need to go somewhere for number one. People always say how relaxing the sound of running water is to them…and most of the times it works, but some fountains have that rather non-relaxing effect on me.
Back in College, I had my bedroom right next to the drainspout. Rather…the head end of my bed was next to it, separated by a thick…well, it was a college dorm, so it was a rather thin wooden wall. Anyhow…I thoroughly enjoyed intense rain during night. Usually sleeping in 1 hr interwalls, waking up with the feeling that my bladder’d explode any minute unless I’d make a bee-line to my en-suite bathroom.

So this day was interesting. The Columbia River Gorge is kinda host to a bunch of spectacular waterfalls. And we tried to see them all. Actually almost succeeded, I have some awesome pics of them. Promise, once back in Germany I will look through all the pictures I took and post them accordingly. Cross my heart, hope to..well, yeah.

Most of the streams were alright, just two did their magic on me and I had to look-up one of the public restroom, which thankfully are rather common here. Another sidenote here, I am prone to doing that these days… anyhow. What I meant to comment on is the state of public restrooms here in the US. We have them, too, in Germany (well, doh, as well as paved roads, yes, we do drive on the right side of the road and yes, we do have electricity among a few other things. At times I do get asked interesting questions here in the US….), but where I would only look up an unattended public restroom in Germany if I’d absolutely, without any alternative and no more help from concentration and meditation techniques, here in the US? I am really impressed by the state of cleanliness of 9 out of 10 public restrooms over here. Be it rest areas on Highways and Interstates, public restrooms in National and State Parks… Not bad at all, folks, thank you.

Arriving at Hood River, we decided to make a right turn and head to Mt Hood instead of going back on the other side of the Columbia River Gorge… and what  a great idea that was. For the first time, one of the Mountains we did intend to see whas NOT hidden by fog/removed for maintenance (thank you, National Park Secret Organisation, we know you are out there…) but instead got to see the splendor of one of the gorgeous mountains directly without the imagination power inherent to us, aided by a postcard or twenty-four.

And thus, after arriving back at the hotel, ended our day…one more sidenote though. Yes, yet another one. What is the deal of your strawberries, Oregon and Washington? All of the strawberries we purchased were picked too late, i.e. almost overripe. Preference seems to be given to color, which almost always is deep red, and then they are put into the fridge. WTF? They get picked soft almost squishy…and then get put into the fridge to guaradamntee that they are over when you take them out and get them warm again thusly. Pick them sooner. The perfect strawberry is medium red, I’d say ‘al dente’ to the touch…not too hard, yet not too soft, just a certain amount of firmness…and light in color, yet intensely red. A healthy light red. I will post a picture of one soon for reference. But the ones we got. Even though they were famed Mt Hood Strawberries or something or other for Washington…they all sucked. Sorry. Raspberries…same thing here. Do not get them when they are over-ripe. Get them as soon as they turn right, and, again, do not put them into the fridge. A cool, shaded place is perfect (not a cooling house, really) and everything is a-ok. Please? Pretty please, and I do not need sugar and cream on top of my berries?


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