Mel’s sidenotes: Smell the roses

Today, it was all about compensation for my olfactory confusion at Pike Place Market.

We took our time and smelled the roses. Literally. Hundreds of them.

Portland is also called the Rose City – very aptly so when you visit the Rose Test Garden. Roses in every size, shape and color. And smell… I even found a yellow tea rose that smelled like tea – dried tea leaves which you use to make a fresh brewed black tea. Strange that, but not unpleasant at all. So I unpacked my handy sponsored-by-employer Ricoh CX2 with it’s incredible macro lense and went click-smell-click-smell-click-smell… for about two hours. And the nice thing: my nose never gave up… and it didn’t lead me to the janitor’s cabinet either… just to the next rose bush.

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