You are now entering…. the Twilight Zone!

Du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du …

When driving back to Washington via the 101N, we weren’t quite prepared to what’d await us once hitting the Olympia Peninsula.

Twilight Tours. Twilight Stores. Twilight themed everything. WTF?

Turns out that the Vampire/Werewolf/Romance/Teens thing series move books what the heck is based in this area.


Teenage girls all over the place in black t-shirt with I have no clue who those guys are on them. Edward? Beats the heck out of me, and I actually do not want to know. You can have tours to places where two characters met, live, went on a date and kissed the first time and what not. Let’s hope the serious doesn’t get R-Rated and, you know… Yuk.

Nature rocks again though. Even though the weather is not super duper extra special, it is interesting. Mostly

A few towns on the way here to Sequim though were…wow. Run down doesn’t even do it remotely justice. I’ve never really been to some areas looking as miserable and down on their luck as here. Scaaaary.

Tomorrow, we’ll tour the area again for a day, still not quite sure if we will focus on mountains (Hurricane Ridge to see Mount Olympus. Should we really tempt our luck and turn a 3 for 1 into a 4 for 2?), coast or rainforest.

We’ll see. And let’s hope there are no sparkling vampires where we stay tonight.

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