Rain + Forest + Coastline + Mountains= Olympia National Park

Quite a simple equation on paper. But a very complex thing when seen in real life.

Blimme if we didn’t see a heckuvalot of animals though. Yesterday, we saw another Banana Slug. What shocked us were two Great Pyrennees dogs, running in the wild along Highway 101N. They looked a tad shaggy and very, very lean but did not approach the car when we slowed down, just looked over to us. We weren’t sure if they were runaways, although they were far from the next settlement, or simply ferals, but obviously they didn’t belong into the forest at all. The next Ranger Station 40 miles away was closed already, so for lack of information and idea what to do, we emailed National Park Services from the hotel once we arrived. Didn’t hear back yet from them, who knows.

But today…spectacular. Let’s see:
– One Coyote
– Two Black Tail Deer, female
– One Elk, female, with two fawns (we’ve always seen twins this trip. Is that the norm?)
– One Marmot (on the watch)
– One whole herd of Elks (don’t expect me to go back and count them, this was up some serious mountain…)
– One quail sized little cute bird I could swear was a somethingorother I forgot and’d have to look up again in the flyer I have. Maybe a partridge (no tell-tale pear tree though….)
– One tennis ball sized squirrel thing that played chicken with me at the wheel of the car. I swerved and chickened.
– HUGE seagulls. I mean seriously huge. Like…supersized, making our common European seagull sob.
– Flocks of other birds we could not identify.
– At least one bald eagle who did not stay around or fly low enough for us to easily take a picture of him. Bastard.

Other than that, we drove up to the Visitor Center on Hurricane Ridge to see Mt Olympus. We did see every other mountaintop than Mt. Olympus as fog was coming in already when we arrived, but it was a spectacular sight. Again, I am looking forward to going through the pictures we took. A bit nippy up there and it started to rain plus fogging the roads…so we decided to make like a tree. Down to the coast.

Which was a real pleasure to drive, but whenever we stopped and strolled along a beach to look at the, again, low tide and tons of driftwood, rain started again, chasing ups back to the car.

We drove back along the 101 again, once more enjoying driving along Lake Crescent and now sit in the hotel, planning our trip to Seattle. We will take the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Downtown Seattle/Waterfront. Woohoo. Aquarium, here we come.

Sadly though, this almost concludes our trip, as tomorrow is Wednesday, and we fly back to Germany early Friday morning.


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