…Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Day Two

One of the great things about American National Parks, and I might repeat myself from other posts (not that I would care) is the fact, that it has something for everyone. If you have your mind set on hiking for two days in a row or more? They got trails for that. If you only got half a day? They got trails for that. If you just want to take in the scenery, take a roundtrip and get out of the car every so often for a quick hike of 30 minutes or so? They got trails for that, too.

Today, we wanted to see how people used to live before, well, before there were proper roads, phonelines, stores and, well, professional help to do stuff like building and constructing. It was interesting to see, I have to say. Certainly a lot more…lonesome and the genepool was rather limited to people from around the next four households or so. Normal farmers to resourceful people not satisfied with just farming, but starting their own blacksmith shop, a mill and for the heck of it a general store. Everything self-taught, it’s not like they had vocational schools in the mountains. Impressive.

Due to the massive rain of the previous days (turns out today sunshine’s breaking through, yay), all the little streams and rivers are transporting lots of water, allowing for happy gurgling and splashing sounds when hiking, fun pictures and cute little waterfalls in the sunlight. Very peaceful….and very enjoyable to know that a hotel room is waiting for us after we got out of our car driving down the road into Gatlinburg. How did they do that 150 years ago??

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