Friends will be friends…

So, I admit it, we don’t run into Mary and Mike that often. Maybe it has to do with the fact, that they live in Roanoke and not in Germany. Good thing about life in the 21st Century though is that you can stay in touch via Internet these days…much easier than trying to keep up a regular exchange of letters. You know, the pen, paper, stamp, envelope, postal services approach that takes ages in delivery to boot.

So off we went to Roanoke, doing a stop-over there on our way home to Harrisonburg. Meeting Mary and Mike was like it just would have been last week we last sat together. This time we got introduced to their pride of cats. Figures that a few of them took a liking to us, at least that’s what we are telling ourselves…and hope so, fingers crossed. Mel would likely have adopted Molly on the spot, I am rather certain that Jana is relieved she didn’t. I was an equal opportunity cat-petter, had a few of them visiting with me, much to my almost not hidden delight.

Mel will never again tell me that I have a lot of books though. Mike beats me, hands down. I guess I don’t have 1/100th of his books…going through all the shelves upon shelves of books left me with the feeling that there are so many books out there I haven’t read yet…which most certainly would be lots of fun…it was almost depressing. Jealous, me? Heck yeah!

Great ice cream and pizza was had and it was really, really late when we left…but it was lots and lots of fun. Thank you so much for having us. See you next time!

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