Home, sweet home…

…and we are back at JMU. Good Lord, have we missed a lot. JMU got HUGE….

The drive from Roanoke to Harrisonburg was rather easy, not that it was that far to go anyway. Getting into Harrisonburg though was different. It felt like the premises started further out than we were used to from ‘back then’. And our exit off the Interstate….good grief…you can see the expanded on Bridgeforth Stadium from there…and did they go to town on it. It looks like a veritable NFL stadium…or one of those big league college stadiums…oh my. And we got tickets for the season opener AND first game in the ‘new’ stadium on Saturday…I am already giddy with excitement, two days in advance.

It’s a given that we had to look up Uncle Bijan. He’s still the warm, bubbly, awesome guy full of energy he was ten years ago…just 72 years old by now. And still teaching, even though he is retired. Thanks for taking the time to spend an hour with us, catching up, remembering us from among your thousands of students you met throughout your professional career, we hope to see you again in a few years.

Teaming up with us, Uncle Bijan announced visitors to two of his former assistants in the International Students program, not telling them who was around to drop by on them. First, we met up with Liz who really was surprised and happy to see us. We stayed and chatted for a while, also catching up with her and sharing a few good laughs. Tomorrow, we’ll try and catch dinner with her, don’t know where yet, but it will be a hoot for everybody.

Last but not least, we met up with Gina who still works the International Students life, but JMU has less Europeans these days, most of the international students has Chinese, Middle East and African students around these days. Judging by some of the stellar examples from EBS…I have to admit it maybe’s not a bad thing, sad to say.

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