…back home….

Yet another trip down Memory Lane was planned for today: Mel and I drove out to Elk Run Stables, place where Mel not only stabled her horse during college but also worked as an Assistant Manager. We met Marcie there, Mel’s former ‘boss’ and good friend, the Manager of the whole operation. Sadly, the main farmhouse burned down a few years ago, but it was replaced with a rather nice new one. A lot has changed since last time we’ve been here, four years ago. The old barn got a partial new layer of coat, a lot of grass is cut shorter than I remember (it’s really just beautification, never mind any other claims, really :mrgreen:) but all in all the whole place turns out really, really nice and welcoming.

Marcie gave us the tour, accompanied by her pack of dogs (ok, small pack, still she has some really fun ones…and boy, if you EVER want to see a white lightning streaking along, holler “BUNNIES” at the top of your lungs…and along dashes Britches…see pics in the album section for him…awesome guy, sadly allergic to anything and everything available…). Less horses than I am used to, way less feathered stuff than what I remember, on the other hand the economy sucks, not much of a surprise here, so the horse market is rather low…doesn’t help when you want to sell ’em. Still, Marcie hasn’t changed much at all, which is a nice thing. We also met the owner, Henry, who’s in his late 70s and sadly has a severe case of Parkinson…but still is as sharp as a knife like ten years ago. Was good to see him, too, and we both hope to see him next time we are in the area again.

For the evening, we meant to meet Liz for dinner at a restaurant, but instead got invited to spend the evening with her and a friend of Liz’ at a beautiful bend of the Shenandoah River. Time flew by, we had hot dogs (oh my…those kosher hebrew dogs? soooo good…) and s’mores, a few beers…and just enjoyed our time looking out over the river. Liz’ friend has a beautiful place, it was an amazing evening, and we hope to be able to repeat that in the not too distant future. It is kinda funny though. Two out of three nights we spent with friends…casual, laid back, just chatting over food at home, no need to get all dressed up, go out, keep reservations or anything, we had all the time in the world, didn’t have to worry about a thing…and felt so welcome and relaxed. It’s good to have friends, twice so if you can meet them during your vacation and are able to simply kick back and enjoy. Thank you, guys, it might not have been much, but it meant a lot to us.

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