2010 Washington/ Oregon/ Northern California

Getting to Arizona, Utah and Nevada last year already brought us closer to the West Coast, a.k.a. the place where the water flows on the wrong side of the landmass (large body of water West of the US, better known as ‘Pacific Ocean’…odd). As we didn’t get close to it that time, we figured it prudent to tackle that item this time..and had a rather intense trip. Getting into Seattle, Washington, we crossed the Cascade Mountains twice, went along the Pacific Coast down to Redwood National Park in Northern Californa, then via Portland, Oregon back along the Pacific Coast Highway into Washington, taking a long look at the Olympia National Park, then back to Seattle again.

Those fabled mountains, i.e. St. Helens, Hood and Rainier? Mostly eluded us. And it was frigging cold despite it being end of June/early July. Sweater and at times Windbreaker weather. Unfair!!!